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Adhesive tape buckle classification
2018-09-26 16:22

The adhesive tape has a common hot melt glue, which has a melting point and is suitable for low temperature environment and winter use. Its adhesive force is general and its holding power is relatively general.

The other is a high temperature resistant hot melt adhesive with a high melting point。 It is suitable for use in summer and some high temperature machinery。 It has strong adhesion and strong holding power after adhesion。

There is also a 3M adhesive product, which is cut into the back of the corresponding specification velcro product with 3M glue, which is a relatively special high-grade processed product!

3, adhesive tape fastening machine can process ordinary adhesive processing, can also process back-to-back bonding processing。

北京快34。 Ordinary adhesive processing can process the adhesive between the specifications of the bundle。 The ordinary adhesive processing can process the following materials; ordinary adhesive tape adhesive, plastic hook adhesive, flannel adhesive, etc。

5, back-to-back processing materials can be: ordinary hooking flannel processing, plastic hooking flannel processing, ordinary hooking ordinary wool processing.

北京快36, the release paper of the adhesive tape is generally used in white, relatively less is used yellow paper and transparent color paper, milky white paper.

7, the general white paper is divided into thick, and ordinary thickness, commonly used is the general thickness of the release paper, if you do not say what kind of paper is used in production, the general production staff will automatically give you the ordinary thickness.

8, the deep processing of adhesive tape is divided into several types, the most common is 25 meters / volume direct shipment, there is processing slice, cut into a certain length according to customer requirements, and then there is a punch type, but also According to the customer's requirements, there are some types of customers who need irregular strip widths, which need to use strips to divide the wider material into the width required by the customer. Some of them need to be processed after slicing and so on. .





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