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Not scratching velcro

[Name]: Do not catch hair

            [Materials]: Nylon, polyester, polyester and nylon blend, nylon A grade material, non-fleece material.

         [Product color]: The color is complete, you can order it!

         【Process 】: Adding glue type Strip cutting

         [Product use]: Suitable for all kinds of electronics, electrical appliances, toys, communications, hardware and plastics, sports equipment, etc。

         [Scope of application]: clothing, apparel, home textiles, industrial use, clothing accessories / hook and loop fasteners

         [Outside processing]: Sewing, adhesive Velcro, adhesive Velcro, adhesive Velcro, adhesive high temperature Velcro, self-adhesive Velcro, self-adhesive Velcro,

          Self-adhesive tape, self-adhesive tape, round velcro, round self-adhesive velcro, round adhesive velcro products.

          Material Description:

          1, nylon material

          Nylon is not easy to burn, and it is very soft。 The Velcro is more suitable for use on clothing and can pass the new European standard environmental protection test。

北京快3          2, polyester material

          It is easy to burn, and it produces black smoke. The material is hard and ordinary.

          3, polyester and nylon mixed material

          Combining all the characteristics of polyester and nylon, it is not easy to burn and is very durable. The adhesive velcro is made of this material.

          4, nylon A grade material

          Very soft, often used as a close-fitting garment, and can also be used on the baby without causing skin damage.

北京快3          5, not scratching material

北京快3          There are mainly types of bristles that do not catch hair。 Only the matte surface, the hooks are usually used with nylon A-grade materials, and are used in close-fitting clothes。





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